Friday, 8 January 2016

Sourcing Images licensed by Creative Commons

Sourcing Images licensed by Creative Commons - Simple CC Flickr Search

This tool is created by John Johnston and works great on mobile devices too. Just go to the URL:

Then add in your search term and find images that are licensed to be used through Creative Commons. Click GO and then find an image. Once you click on image, you can choose what size image you want and click STAMP. It will provide you with a download of the image with the creators information "stamped" onto the image. A great tool to help students and teachers in sourcing images easily.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

New MFM1P Blended Learning Course Content in VLE (D2L)

Technology Enabled Learning in Ontario has released new course content in the VLE (D2L) for Grade 9 Applied Mathematics.

PIR Live Event: Exercise and Heart Health

OERB Update

The OERB has been updated. It can still be accessed at or . However, once there if you click on SEARCH you will be taken to a new landing page that is much more user friendly. Specifically, there is an “elementary interface” designed for K-6 students and teachers (this can be found at top right). 

Check the Digital Learning page on the staff website for login information. 

Knoweldgehook Game Shows - Gr9 EQAO Practice

Knowledgehook is an online game show math tool. They have just uploaded many previous Grade 9 EQAO practice questions from old exams.

How-to use knowledgehook:

Interactive Learning Objects

Check out the Interactive Learning Objects available to Ontario students and teachers through Technology Enabled Learning in Ontario.

Learn 360

Learn360 is currently having difficulty after their upgrade and may not be working properly. Sorry for the inconvenience. Below is an image of the message I got.

#SCDSBlive RadioExpo

Join Us!


Hey Secondary teachers! A few of us are doing Wab Kinew’s #craftreconciliation challenge. Want to join? Give me ( or Shannon Simpson ( a shout if you have any questions. 

Visit for more information and to sign up.

Post-It Plus

Do you use Post-It notes in class to brainstorm and collect student input? Have you checked out the Post-It app that helps you digitally grab those physical notes and reorganize over time? 

Post-it® Plus by 3M Company

Office Mix

Get Office Mix to annotate, record and create videos from PowerPoint. This can be downloaded and installed on Teacher Notebooks.

OneNote Class Notebook

Check out this post for new updates in OneNote Class Notebooks


Planboard. A great tool for lesson planning. Free for Ontario teachers through OTF.


Played in a math class today that was using Wacom tablets (writing tablets that plug into a computer by USB) and ClassFlow to pose questions and problems and have students share their thinking and work. ClassFlow is one of my favorite tools for teacher-directed lessons because it easily lets you to stop every few minutes and gather student input by polling (multiple choice), drawing on the screen, or sending text responses. Then you can view students responses, discuss ideas and develop success criteria from what you like, etc. You can also make virtual math manipulatives on it that students move around and send back. ClassFlow works great when you have a device for every student or one per partner, encouraging them to discuss and decide on a response together. 

Microsoft Sway

Looking for a digital tool to help students tell their story or share their learning? Microsoft Sway uses our board accounts (so no new accounts!) and can be accessed from the app launcher (little squares on the top left of the screen). There is also a free app to create Sways on mobile devices. Check it out. 

Tutorials on Microsoft Sway

Frameworks for Technology Integration

More Information: