Thursday, 2 June 2016

XpressLab Integration with D2L - Create assessments that include audio responses!

XpressLab is a provincially funded (grades 7-12) web-based tool that allows teachers to create assignments, assessments and learning activities that incorporate audio recording and media. Teahers can create assignments and assessments that include audio recordings of their voice integrated. These can include assignments where students respond to prompts by recording audio.

The integration with D2L means that teachers can put a link into their D2L course and students will be automatically logged into XpressLab if they follow that link.

Please see these instructions here. 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

OneNote Class Notebook is now integrated with our D2L

Have you heard about all the great things about OneNote Class Notebook? Its a powerful tool that can work on any device. It is now integrated with D2L and can be set up to work from within your D2L class.

Check out the information and instructions found here.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

OfficeMix - for creating interactive online lessons

If you are interested in turning some of your PowerPoint slide decks into interactive lessons, then check out Office Mix!

You have to download the "add on" for PowerPoint and then from within PowerPoint you can record your voice over your slides while you draw or annotate them. You can also insert self-check questions within content. Once you post it to the OfficeMix site, you can embed or link it into your class site (D2L, GoogleClassroom, website, wiki, etc.). Later you can go back and check the analytics to see how many students have finished and/or still need to work on it. You can also see which questions students struggle with most often to guide your work.

Unfortunately, the Office Mix 'add on' only works on PCs (including our Teacher Notebooks!) and not Mac's. So, teachers need to use their notebooks to create the OfficeMix. After that, students can access them from ANY device.

Note: If you have trouble adding a quiz into the Office Mix... check out this fix: